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About Gypsy Janine

I started Face Painting in 2006 when my daughter was 18 months old and it was time to enter the workforce again. Corporate work didn't appeal any more,  and having done wedding make-up's and a TV &  Theater course in my younger days, I decided to start a Face Painting business. 


Before I started I practiced on  the kids in my Mothers group and anyone else who would sit still!  In those days there were no face painting YouTube's to watch or

classes to go to, so it was a steep learning curve. 


Now I have attended classes by many of the worlds top face painters and been to many different Face and Body Art Conventions.  I believe it is vital to keep expanding my skills.


I love painting faces and seeing the delight in the kids' eyes once their faces are complete. I now cannot imaging myself doing anything else for a job.  Of course adults often get in the act too - you are never too old to enjoy a Face Paint!

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